Collabolution takes off!

And just what is “collabolution”?  As you’ve no doubt guessed, collaboration is certainly part of it.  And for today, with this new-ish year in mind, we’re thinking about collaboration and resolutions.  Many of us start off the year (or at least think we should do so) with resolutions, intentions, goals or plans, and now, six weeks into the year, find ourselves slipping, diverting, or wildly careening away from what we had hoped to be doing.

Normal, right?  But discouraging – there were some pretty important needs or desires behind those resolutions, and we hate to see our dreams dissipate or get so tattered, so very quickly.

Which is where collaboration comes in.  Yes, I mean the obvious “tell someone what you intend or resolve to do” – that way, we may feel accountable to others for doing what we say, other people can support us emotionally or practically, and for some of us, just the process of articulating our resolve out loud to at least one other person gives it more value and power.

But collaboration can have a deeper meaning.  When I tell you or others about my resolution, say to publish this blog on a regular basis, exploring how collaboration works in our lives, I’m speaking out based on my hope to contribute to a world in which deep and creative collaboration makes all of our lives better.  I want more of us to be collaborating more frequently and effectively.

Sharing the beliefs or values behind my resolution, and hearing about what motivates your intentions, I believe we may find that we have underlying needs in common.  And in connecting with you around those underlying needs, I’m likely to find more profound support, inspiration and determination to pursue my own original intention.  Talking and working together with our resolutions, we may come up with even more brilliant and enchanting strategies to get our mutual needs met.  Now wouldn’t that be a collabolution?

Any thoughts on how our resolution around this blog might support something you’re working on?  We’d love your input and comments below.

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