About us

Who’s the we?

Lynangale Associates, LLC provides comprehensive, custom-fit, and reasonably priced support to build the collaborations that will help you realize your goals and creative hopes.  Visit our website (www.lynangaleassociates.com) for more information on our training, facilitation, conflict resolution, organizational support, cultural work and intercultural consulting services.

What’s important to us,  and why did we create this blog?
Lynangale Associates believes in an interconnected world, where people collaborate effectively to enrich our communities and the individuals within them.  We believe groups work together more effectively by:
  • Empowering and including all players
  • Communicating authentically
  • Appreciating strengths and the diverse stories and life experiences of those involved
  • Cultivating awareness of ourselves and our impact on the world
  • Creating and taking action on goal-based and people-driven plans
  • Embracing learning
  • Valuing curiosity and play
  • Working to meet everyone’s needs

When we work with clients, our commitment is to work with integrity, communicate well, and provide timely and relevant services that address established goals.

We hope this blog provides practical tools for building collaboration, and creates an inspiring forum for exploring together the themes that motivate our work.

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